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We are here to support you and any answer technical and non-technical questions you have. One of our favorite parts of doing business is hearing about your inventive applications of our products. We would love to know about your system designs and requirements and assure complete confidentiality during the support process and any other dialogue we have with you. There are some useful resources below that may help navigate your issue but we encourage you to get in touch.

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  • Serial Interface Software

    Serial Interface Software

    The Serial Interface makes it easy to plot data in real-time, log data, and set configuration registers on the UM7 product line.  Any Redshift Labs / CH Robotics device that communicates using the CHR binary serial protocol can be controlled using the Serial Interface. Download Version 3.1.5 Supported Devices UM7 […]

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  • UM7 Content Library

    UM7 Content Library

    Introduction This content library provides an overview of some of the fundamental topics needed to use AHRS and Orientation Sensors like the UM7and the GP9. We begin with a brief description of Euler Angles, Quaternions, and types of sensors to give the user a practical understanding of how Redshift Labs sensors […]

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  • UM7 Calibration Procedure for Firmware Revisions U71D, U72A

    UM7 Calibration Procedure for Firmware Revisions U71D, U72A

    ** If you are using firmware revisions (U71A, U71B, U71C) look here. All Redshift Labs UM7’s and UM7-LT’s are pre-loaded with firmware revision U72A or newer. Equipment and parts required The following equipment is required for the calibration of your UM7 or UM7-LT 5-Pin 2-Way Cable (Comes standard with a USB Serial Converter) UM7 or UM7-LT Redshift Labs […]

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  • UM7 Quick Start Guide

    UM7 Quick Start Guide

    Getting Started Connecting to your UM7 The quickest and easiest way to work with your new UM7 is to connect it to your PC using the USB Expansion Board. You can then use the serial interface to plot data in real-time, log data, and change configuration settings. Download the Serial […]

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  • Support Request

    Support Request

    We’re here to help. Please provide a brief description of your issue and we will get back to you within 1 business day for high urgency, 3 business days for medium urgency and 5 business days for low urgency requests.

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