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UM7 Toast?

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    I can communicate with the UM7 and send commands, but when I try to plot sensor data (using the CHR s/w) it all comes out zero. Also, just clicking the Get Version button on the serial settings tab produces a timeout error message. I sent commands to reset to factory and reset EKF. I used to get sensor output before I let some students use it (the 5pin connector that goes to the main I/O header was plugged into the IO expansion header.

    Toast or pilot error?



    Hey John,

    If power was applied to an expansion header pin while power wasn’t on, it might have damaged the device. It is a little odd that some commands work and others don’t. Is it possible that there is an intermittent connection from a damaged connector pin?



    Ah nuts. The connector pins look o.k. I may have to buy another from Pololu. I haven’t checked yet;
    The commands all work. All the sensor output is zero. After I attempt to graph a sensor output, it
    won’t even respond to a get version and sometimes the unit hangs.

    I hope they didn’t fry the GPS9, that’s the one I really need.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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