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    Hello UM7 enthusiasts, owners and lovers,

    Redshift labs has just released a complete Java interface to use with your UM7.

    Why Java?
    We have made it easy to use Processing to connect to your device especially if you are new to the world of IMU’s.
    We have also developed an artificial horizon using this implementation. however that has not been committed yet.
    It helps the user see the features and get up and running quickly, Plus visualize whats happening in 3D space.
    The implementation can also be used to develop your own apps on android devices with our Bluetooth module to be released soon. And of course for advanced users if you want a cross platform interface that has better GUI capabilities.

    In the coming months we will be releasing a complete Python interface, a complete Arduino/Genuino interface, a ANSI C/C++ interface, and possibly a .NET interface. If you would like an interface written in a different language please comment on this post

    We hope this free open source software will help all of you, or some of you in some way.
    Clone with HTTPS

    If you have any questions regarding the interface please email the support team at redshift.

    Keep redshifting,
    Michael Malloy

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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