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    Hello @Mike…
    Okay I will enable gyro sensor data. But I want to see “Raw x gyro , Raw y gyro , Raw z gyro ” values
    with euler angles. What can I do in your code for that.

    I mean that gyro values is here :

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    Those variables aren’t available in the binary parser, but you should be able to view them as ASCII output.


    But there is a information about that in um7 datasheet.

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    is it not posssible still ?


    Hello @Michael Hoyer…

    I need to read X,Y,Z Axis accelerometer data. How can modify your code for this? it is very very important for me. PLEASE HELP …
    thank you…

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    Tony Varghese

    Hi Michael,

    I need to get the mag data from the UM7.Could you advice on how to parses binary data packets from the UM7 for getting the processed/raw mag data in order for me to find the heading of the sensor when used with an Arduino.

    Really appreciate your help in advance!!

    Swadhin Thakkar

    I need to configure UM7 Lt with Arduino Uno. Please help me with this configuration

    Mehedi Hasan

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Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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