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U71D firmware two problems

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    my OS of laptop is win10.
    I used firmware(U71D version) and it have a critical problem.
    i wanna use GPStime and GPS ID from um7.
    so i updated firmware from version U71C to version U71D.(i checked i get gps data)
    first, insane address(0x89) was being come periodically and i can’t find the information of those in UM7 Datasheet.
    but i still can’t get Sat id .
    why do not UM7 getting Sat ID data-set() to using firmware?

    Second, in order to solve that it can’t use GPS time, i changed bin packet to NMEA packet.
    only check box on NMEA packet, but insane address(0x89) was come as ever.
    I changed it to U71C again diffically, NMEA packet is work well(didn’t come insane address).

    when I bought three ‘UM7’, that UM7 can transfer GPSid was attractive. So if you can sovle this problem or dont answer that, I’m going to be disapointed.


    if you are revising Dataasheet i wanna know it


    Hi Dave! I have the same problem with the um7, I reprogramed it with the U71D.hex but now I get often the (0x89) crazy adress.
    But I can`t find the U71C.hex versión on the web to program the sensor again. Can you share it with me??


    If anyone still try to find the U71C.hex you can download it from:
    I just renamed the link from U71D to U71C and it worked.
    Hope it helps.


    Hello everyone,

    please see the following link
    register 137

    we are working on updating the datasheet/software which will address all these issues as fast as possible

    Thank you for your support and patience.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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