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PPS Sync from external GPS with UM7

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    I set up the TX2 pin as PPS input, RX2 pin as GPS input which is connected to TX pin (and also GND pins are connected each other) in my GPS receiver and turned all the other broadcasts off via CH Serial interface. I am seeing the NMEA packets using PuTTY. But i could not see neither the GPS longitude/latitudes nor the UTC time updated due to the PPS input! I have set the exact baud rates in both UM7 and GPS receiver.

    1) I am just wondering if there are specific GPS messages like CGA, RMA, ZDA…that i need to send for parsing with the custom NMEA packets of UM7?

    2) Can UM7 be able to interrupt the NMEA sentences from GPS by connecting RX2 pin from UM7 and TX pin from GPS with the cables alone? Or do i need special assembly like RS-232 for understanding the GPS NMEA sentences by UM7?

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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