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How to convert “Data” correctly?

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    I was able to get the firmware version from UM7 correctly, speaking all in Hex is to send
    “73 6E 70 00 AA 01 FB” and received
    “73 6E 70 80 AA 55 37 32 41 03 7A”

    Then I can simply convert “55 37 32 41” to U72A in ASCII string format.

    But how to convert the received “Data” frame correctly?

    For example, reading from the Address 0x65 for Processed x-axis accel data when I sent
    “73 6E 70 00 65 01 B6” and received
    “73 6E 70 80 65 BB AB AB E4 05 2B”

    “BB AB AB E4” is obviously the correct 4-byte of “Data” because the packet format including the check sum is correct, UM7 is perfectly put on the table and I received about “-0.0055G” from Redshift Serial Interface without touch UM7.

    Where can I find the document describing this conversion between “BB AB AB E4” and “-0.0055G”?

    Appreciate if you can help to point this out.


    Hi Johnson,

    What language are you using?
    You could look through the UMJ github repo, and see how we parsed the data.
    Also the datasheet for the UM7 contains useful information on how to parse data in binary mode from the UM7.
    UM7 Datasheet V1.6


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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