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Euler angle drift and Kalman weights

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    Yiannis Papelis

    Like others who have posted here, i am having a severe drift issue that makes the sensor unusable. In my application, I am simply trying to recreate the h/p/r of a tripod head on a remote gimbal, so rates are pretty low and even the range of rotation is pretty limited.

    I have completed magnetic calibration and have zeroed the gyros ensuring the imu was still during the zero operation, however there is still drift, enough to prevent the euler angles from being used for recreating the tripod orientation. What happens is that the remote gymbal follows the output of the UM7 and drifts around at a steady rate.

    I had used the older version of this IMU and in these versions it was possible to modify the Kalman covariances to give more weight to the accelerometers and magnetometers – this had allowed great flexibility in eliminating the drift. The latest UM7 communication specification does not include this feature – any reason it was removed?

    Also, a related question – is there anything I can do to help with the drift issue if I put a couple of contact switches that will give me a high confidence signal that the yaw is at a known value ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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