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Your problem in the variance setting value. The new firmware version U71D variance value (0.01 gyro, 0.01 acc, 0.005 Mag) are not appropriate to you conditions. If you increase the magnetometer variance (0.01 gyro, 0.01 acc,100 Mag) you will thrust more the magnetometer in the Yaw measurements. You will acquire stable yaw angle with no drift. But this configuration is very sensitive to magnetic Flux distortion. You can overcome the magnetic flux distortion by Mag calibration. In fact, I use the following value of variance in my application and it work with no drift. (0.01 gyro, 0.01 acc,100 Mag). I repeat the Mag calibration for any problem through:
1. Magnetic calibration using the CHR Serial Interface tool
2. Zero the gyros (CHR Serial Tool command)
3. Set the magnetic reference (command). Point your UM7 to the North before setting the magnetic reference
4. Reset the EKF (command).

It shoud work.
feel free to ask any other question