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Hi Rocky

“I would like to know if there are any other differences in the two U71D versions”

No, there are no other differences in the U71D.xml file.

The newer firmware version U71D has had added real time gyro bias estimates, these are located in registers 137, 138 & 139. The xml files are a mapping file which tell the serial software what settings should be displayed to the users and similarly what commands to send to the UM7 to perform functions on those registers, however the information for these new registers 137,138 & 139 had not been added. You should be using the newer U71D.xml file as it has been updated to reflect the changes in the firmware, this is not a temporary version it will be the version deployed in the new serial software which will be released this week, I will post the link here when its ready.

“and also to know what the differences were between U71C and U71D (first version).”

The differences between U71C and U71D.

U71D added the following functionality which U71C did not have
– Adds real-time gyro bias estimation, with ability to tune bias convergence rate, and broadcast bias estimates.
– Modifies filter to run in-place to improve efficiency.
– Modified magnetometer code so that after rotating the measurement into the v1 frame (Euler-Angle mode), it computes
the yaw angle and uses the ref vector to subtract the declination. Provides more robust yaw measurements.

“We have several products where we plan on using the gyro, but need to have a stable version to go forward.”

I understand there isn’t an issue with the firmware there just hadn’t been a way to turn these registers off/on. An updated set of serial interface software V3.1.3 will be released this week. This will have the new U71D.xml file deployed within the software so users will not need to run through the workaround process discussed a few threads earlier. Also the datasheet/documentation has been updated and will also be released this week, which explains registers 137,138 & 139 functionality.

I hope this helps!