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I too have been having issues with the gyro running U71D. I am operating using SPI and am having issues where the spi register reads are sometimes corrupted. In order to eliminate data also being sent out the RS232 port (which could possibly be causing the SPI problems), I attempted to set to 0 the broadcast rate settings in registers 1-7. After doing so I find that I still get RS232 transmissions of register 89H. As I understand the previous messages in this thread, you have created a new version of the firmware called U71D, which is the same name as the older version, and that this version fixes this problem.
Before I update to this presumably temporary version, I would like to know if there are any other differences in the two U71D versions, and also to know what the differences were between U71C and U71D (first version).
We have several products where we plan on using the gyro, but need to have a stable version to go forward.