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1.The magnetic reference will definitely affect the accuracy of the yaw estimate.
2.Set the magnetic reference after performing the magnetic calibration.
3.I just issue the “set magnetic reference” command. The accelerometer reference vector doesn’t have a built in command for setting it.
4.Buildings vary but if the calibration is done in an area that isn’t free of stray magnetic fields, the yaw estimate will suffer when the device is removed from the stray fields. You could test it by calibrating in a field and comparing the performance to the calibration done in the building.
5.The behavior you describe is consistent with magnetic calibration issue (or magnetic reference). With a decent magnetic calibration, the yaw may drift after you stop rotating but the speed it settles and the amount will be minimal. For instance, with a 90 degree rotation, a 3 degree yaw drift after 10 seconds is not great but not bad, as long as the drift converges and stops after 30 seconds. I have noticed that the yaw drift can also vary based on the starting and ending heading, for the same 90 degree rotations. Less rotation also means less drift.
good luck!