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Another question…

When I set high rates for all RAW, PROC, EULER data more than 200Hz than suddenly I found that I did not receive the same amount of packets for RAW, PROC and EULER data. Some of EULER packet were missing. However, they are not BAD packets, they just not received.

I did some tests and found that at those rates requesting such amount of data at some point COM OVERFLOW bit became 1. It is in my program, and in SH Interface as well. It looks strange that the baud rate is set to 921600 b/s = 115.200 KB/s that have to be ok for 3 commands (27 + 51 + 55 = 133 b) with 200 Hz each with 133 * 200 = 26200 bytes/s. Again, as we now know, it is no 200 Hz it is about ~160 Hz, so the amount of data transferred through the line is about 21280 b/s…

What I could do wrong?