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At Redshift Labs, we are artists, engineers, technologists, innovators and philosophers. Our dream is to create a community of pioneers that challenges the status quo. The pendulum has swung towards the empowerment of you; the innovators, idealists, architects of tomorrow and away from the megaliths of yesterday’s techno-paradigm. The momentum of change equals the product of the movement’s mass and the velocity of its uprising.

Our flagship product, the UM7, is a fourth-generation Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) that takes advantage of state-of-the-art MEMS technology to improve performance and reduce costs. Like its predecessors, the UM7 combines triaxial accelerometer, rate gyro, and magnetometer data using a sophisticated extended Kalman filter (EKF) to produce attitude and heading estimates.

The UM7 has been implemented in drones, oceanography instruments, logistics solutions, automated warehouses, land and water navigation systems, consumer electronics and myriad other applications.

In 2016, we acquired the UM7 from CH Robotics, taking over the engineering, manufacturing and support of the product. Our engineers were familiar with the UM7 and we jumped at the change to get involved. Since then, the UM7 underwent minor hardware revisions, non-functional changes (including that it now ships conformal coated) and a major firmware revision, U72B. U72B features improved heading estimation, quicker EKF convergence and new calibration options. We are proud to have built on CH Robotics’ excellent design and reputation. Engineering of the UM7 continues: watch this space!

With offices in the USA and Australia, we are a diverse team, variously skilled in electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, product development, production and customer service. We are particularly interested in sensors, audio electronics, IoT and mechanical design. Our R&D team is currently developing a range of new products and we are always looking for ways to collaborate with other firms with great ideas.

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